Review Policy

Review Policy

I guess it's time for me to make up a review policy and rating system. Ok, let's get started :)

5-Absolute perfect book. Not one thing was wrong with it, in my opinion.
4-Loved the book,just not enough for a perfect 5.
3-Liked the book, but there was a few things I didn't like
2-The book was ok, but not really for me
1-Did not finish the book.

Review Policy
I am currently accepting review requests, I will read any of the following categories:
*Chick lit
*contemporary romance
*Romantic suspense
*Some paranormal
*Teen YA

I will never bash a book or say mean things about an author's writing. I will try and have the review posted either a week before the pub date or the week after. Some time in that time frame.
 If you have a request, please send me an email at or tweet me @agirlandabook1

***All opinions are my own and I am not compensated in any shape or form for my honest review.
All reviews will include author info and buy links. I post to my blog, amazon, goodreads, and BN.

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