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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review: The Debt by Karina Halle

      the debt 0 days (1)   The Debt AMAZON Her life changed in an instant. And he's the only one who could have prevented it. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Pact and The Lie comes a new standalone contemporary romance about those McGregor men. Jessica Charles shouldn't have even been in London when the unthinkable happened. She should have been back at home in Edinburgh, perhaps hanging with her boyfriend, having drinks with her sister or doing yoga with her group of friends. She should have been going on in her normal, dependable life as always. But on that fateful day in August, when a mentally-ill ex-soldier opened fire in public, Jessica's world changed forever. Now single and crippled from the gunshot wounds, Jessica finds herself scared and alone, losing faith in herself and humanity with each agonizing moment that passes. That is until a stranger enters her life. A stranger who makes her live again. Keir McGregor has always been the strong, silent type. Throw in tall, dark, and handsome and you've got pretty much the perfect Scotsman. Except Keir is anything but perfect. He's got a past he's running away from and a guilty conscience he can't seem to shed. But the more time he spends with Jessica, the more he falls in love with her. And the more his secret threatens to tear them apart. He may have been a stranger to her. But she’s never been a stranger to him. MY THOUGHTS: Karina Halle is one of my favorite authors. Her books are always so emotional and real. This book was all that and more. The Debt could have been ripped from current headlines, it's a very real scenario kinda thing. The characters were flawless and I instantly fell in love with Jessica and Keir. Jessica is such a strong character. Keir is just trying to make amends for something he thinks is his fault. Both of these characters have flaws and are slightly broken, that's also what makes me connect to them. Each have secrets that they want to keep, but when you love someone you have to take that leap. Everyone should this book, or at least one of Karina Halle's other books.    

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      “You’re not going anywhere,” he says. “Sit. I’ll get you another drink.”   “It’s getting late,” I say feebly but I sit down anyway, my leg giving a protest of pain.   “You need something for that?” he says, noticing my wince.   “The scotch will do fine,” I tell him quickly, not wanting him to make a fuss. “But really, I should go.”   “Why?” he asks from the kitchen. I hear the top pop off the bottle, the slosh of liquid in the glass. “Where do you have to be?”   I have to think about that for a moment. He comes over and holds out the glass. “I won’t keep you here if you don’t want to be here. But if you do want to be here, you don’t need to make any excuses.”   I take the glass from him, holding it delicately in my fingers. He stands over me, a massive wall, waiting for some kind of response.   “I just…” I begin. “I…” I take a sip for bravery. Swallow. “I’m not very good at this.”   “Good at what?”   “At…this. Being with a man.”   When he doesn’t say anything to that, I look up at him. He’s got a peculiar smile on his face, his brows raised. “You call this being with a man?”   I clear my throat, feeling my cheeks grow hot. “I mean. I’ve told you before –”   “Yes, how you don’t do relationships, how you don’t do sex.”   “I never said I don’t do sex,” I remind him quickly.   His eyes never stop searching my face. “Then what is it? What are you afraid to say?”   I have the sudden urge to flee and I know it must show because he suddenly points at me and says, “Don’t you dare say you have to go again. I want you to go back to what you said, that you’re not good at this. What is this? Us? You and me? There’s nothing mystifying about you and me, Jessica. You know quite well how I feel.”   I stare at him in shock. I do? “How?”   He looks off with an air of impatience. “I invited you to dinner, you turned me down.”   “But then you said just as friends.”   “And I meant it. But there are different types of friends. It’s up to you to decide what kind we are.”   I put my drink down with a clunk. “Holy pressure.” And now it’s not just my face going hot but my entire body, flushed from head to toe.   “You’re on fire, little red,” he says, his gaze skirting over my limbs in such a hungry way I can almost feel them on my skin. “I have to say, I like this look on you. Hot and bothered.”   “Back with the innuendos again,” I comment but my voice is weak.   “No, no innuendos this time. You came looking for me tonight not because you wanted to confess but because you want something from me. What is it? What do you want from me? What do you think I can give you?”   Jesus. This is so utterly unnerving. His words slice right through me, his eyes still peeling under the layers, trying to get at something I’m not even sure of myself.   If I lie, he’ll know. I can only be honest with him.   “I want…” I take in a deep breath, my eyes breaking away. “I want…company.”   “Company?” He sounds surprised.   I nod. “That’s the truth. I’m lonely. And I’m afraid. And I’m tired of being both those things. I want to be with someone who makes me forget who I am. You make me feel fearless in a way I didn’t think possible.”   There. That’s the truth. Most of it. It hangs in the air, thickening the tension like flour to stock.   He sits down next to me, has a mouthful of Scotch. “Wow,” he says, running his hand over the beard on his jaw. “And here I was thinking you wanted my cock.”   I burst out laughing. So does he, a big wonderful bellow. The tension in the room eases up a notch.   “Sorry,” I tell him when I catch my breath. “I guess they can both mean the same thing.”   He sucks in his lip briefly, his eyes taking a lustful turn. “If you want it to.” We stare at each other for a few heavy beats. Then his focus trails back to my gaze and he says, “Why don’t you stay over?”   And there I have it. The chance to know what those full lips would feel like on mine, what his skin would taste like. I swallow hard.             The Debt 2 thedectteaser2           Halle HeadshotKarina Halle is a former travel writer and music journalist and The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of The Pact, Racing the Sun, Sins & Needles and over 25 other wild and romantic reads. She lives on an island off the coast of British Columbia with her husband and her rescue pup, where she drinks a lot of wine, hikes a lot of trails and devours a lot of books. Halle is represented by the Waxman Leavell Agency and is both self-published and published by Simon & Schuster and Hachette in North America and in the UK. Hit her up on Instagram at @authorHalle, on Twitter at @MetalBlonde and on Facebook. You can also visit and sign up for the newsletter for news, excerpts, previews, private book signing sales and more. FACEBOOK TWITTER GOODREADS AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE

Friday, August 26, 2016

Review: Chased by love by Melissa Foster

Discover the man behind the music...Boone Stryker

Love in Bloom: The Ryders #3
Melissa Foster
Releasing Aug 17th, 2016
World Literary Press

Actress Trish Ryder takes her job seriously and has no time for those who don’t. When she’s awarded a major role in a new movie featuring America’s hottest rock star, Boone Stryker, she’s beyond excited. The six-two, tattooed hunk of burning desire is known for his dedication to his craft—but when he ditches their first meeting, she begins to wonder if he’s just another rocker with a great PR team.

Sex, booze, women, and music pretty much sum up Boone Stryker’s private world. He’s coasted through life playing by his own rules with plenty of people willing to cover his tracks, and he’s not likely to change—until he meets a woman who refuses to give him the time of day, much less anything more.

Sparks fly from the first moment Trish and Boone meet—Tensions run hot and desire runs hotter when they’re trapped together on a remote location with no place to hide. Will sparks ignite, or will a hurricane douse the flames?

Another great read by Melissa Foster. This time we venture back to the Ryder clan with Trish. 
Trish is an actress and that's where she meets Boone. These two had the perfect chemistry. What I really love about Melissa's books is that the characters don't automatically jump right into bed. Trish and Boone formed a strong friendship first. 
Boone has trouble getting into character because of his past, so when Trish and Boone get sent to a location just for them, that's when things start to really heat up. Trish is a sassy heroine who doesn't take any crap from Boone. I love strong female leads, Trish fit the bill. This book can be read as a standalone. What I love about Melissa's books is that they are usually low on drama. I can't say enough good things about this book. If you're looking for a feel-good book, go buy this one and the rest of the series.


Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance, and women's fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic, perfect beach reads, and always family oriented. 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Review: The sapphire heist by Lauren Blakely


✮✮✮ THE SAPPHIRE HEIST is here! The highly anticipated conclusion of New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely’s new contemporary romance Jewel Novel Series, this enemies-to-lovers series is filled with sex, wit, glamour, and high stakes, with a rugged, ex-military, dirty-talking alpha hero! Don’t miss this explosive and passionate series and check out all the stops on the tour! ✮✮✮

MY THOUGHTS: 5 stars 
Oh. My. Goodness.  I could not love this book anymore. I read the sapphire affair and ever since then I've been dreaming of reading The sapphire heist. This book does not disappoint, it picks right up where we left off with Jake and Steph. We have more dirty talking Jake (which who doesn't love?) and some fights that lead to me some steamy love scenes. There's still the mystery though. Every time I thought I had it figured out, I was wrong. This book kept me engaged from the very first page. I pretty much devoured it in only a few hours. This series is my favorite series hands-down, and I've read a lot of series. These aren't the first books I've read from Lauren Blakely and they certainly won't be the last. 

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THE SAPPHIRE AFFAIR & THE SAPPHIRE HEIST are being released by Montlake, which is an Amazon publishing company, and will only be available for sale at Amazon. You can download a free Kindle reading app for any smartphone or tablet here:

**THE SAPPHIRE AFFAIR & THE SAPPHIRE HEIST are available for free on Kindle Unlimited!**

    The Sapphire Heist - cover


Keep your lover close and your enemy closer…

After giving in to a fiery night of passion, island adventurer Steph Anderson and bounty hunter Jake Harlowe are back to square one. With millions in stolen jewels at stake, it’s hard for Steph not to question her new partner’s true motives—no matter how sexy he might be. Jake is hungry for more of Steph, but he can sense her growing mistrust, which only fuels his own doubts. Worse, there’s undeniable evidence that someone else is now after the jewels—and that they are both in real danger.

Fighting against their magnetic attraction is a distraction these two can’t afford. In order to survive, they’ll have to pull off one more heist—and trust each other with something even more precious than jewels: their hearts.


Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Paperback Amazon AU Amazon CA

Audiobook (narrated by Sebastian York)

    The Sapphire Affair - cover

And Don’t Miss the First Book, THE SAPPHIRE AFFAIR, now available!

Order your copy today!


Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Paperback Amazon AU Amazon CA

Audiobook (narrated by Sebastian York)

    Author pic - Lauren BlakelyAbout Lauren Blakely: Since self-publishing her debut romance novel CAUGHT UP IN US three years ago, Lauren Blakely has sold more than 1 million books. She is known for her sexy contemporary romance style that’s full of heat, heart and humor. A devout fan of cake and canines, Lauren has plotted entire novels while walking her four-legged friends. She lives in California with her family. With ten New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than fifty times. Her bestselling series include Sinful Nights, Seductive Nights, No Regrets, Caught Up in Love, and Fighting Fire as well as standalone romantic comedies like BIG ROCK and MISTER O, which were both instant New York Times Bestsellers. In the fall she’ll release WELL HUNG, another romantic comedy. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her  

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Ruthless by Lexi Blake

  Ruthless FBbanner

Ruthless_CVFThe first in a sexy contemporary romance series featuring the Lawless siblings—from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake.

The Lawless siblings are bound by vengeance. Riley, Drew, Brandon, and Mia believe the CEO of StratCast orchestrated their parents’ murder twenty years ago to steal their father’s software program. And there’s only one way Riley can find some solid evidence...

Heir to the StratCast legacy, Ellie Stratton hires a new attorney to handle a delicate business matter—and she’s shocked by her attraction to him. Over the course of a few weeks, Riley becomes her lover, her friend, her everything. But when her life is threatened, Ellie discovers that Riley is more obsessed with settling an old score than in the love she thought they were building. And Riley must choose between a revenge he’s prepared for all his life and the woman he’s sure he can’t live without...

My Thoughts:

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should really know who Lexi Blake is, and if you know who she is, you probably have read some of her books. This book was great. I have never been more excited for a series than I am for this series about this family.
This book might have started off a little slow for me, but after the first few chapters I was hooked. I absolutely adored Riley and Ellie was just so sweet and I kept rooting for her to get strong and badass-y(which she did). There was manipulation, scehming Lawless men, and really hot sext times between Riley and Ellie. These two were so perfect together, you could just feel their chemistry coming right off the pages at you. Riley may have been a hard-ass at the begining, but love changed him. This is a 5 star read!
I can not wait to read the next book in this amazing series!

Pre-order Now

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“Smart, savvy, clever, and always entertaining. That’s true of Riley Lawless, the hero in Ruthless, and likewise for his creator, Lexi Blake. Both are way ahead of the pack.” ~ New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry "I love Lexi Blake. Read Ruthless and see why.” ~ New York Times bestselling author Lee Child With Ruthless, Lexi Blake has set up shop on the intersection of Suspenseful and Sexy, and I never want to leave. ~ Laurelin Paige, New York Times bestselling author Ruthless is full of suspense, hot sex, and swoon worthy characters -- a must read!" ~ New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst
Blake Ruthless teaser 1
    “Why did you do that?” It was the first time she’d spoken without being prompted. “Do what?” Her face flushed the sweetest pink. The color went all the way down that sexy V-neck. Her breasts flushed as well as her face, and it made his damn dick tighten. “Kiss me. Why did you kiss me like that?” Oh, so many reasons, but he gave her the most compelling one. “I wanted to.” The minute she’d opened the door and he’d seen her standing there looking anxious, he’d known how to calm her down. All he’d had to do was put his hands on her and some odd connection flared between the two of them. She hadn’t fought him. He could have gone on kissing her. He’d been the one to pull away. It was like the minute he walked in, he was the only thing that existed for her. It made him feel ten feet tall, but it also made him want to please her. It was an unsettling sensation. Her hands came up, fingers on the sides of the table. “You know what I’m asking. You knew I wasn’t alone. Why did you pretend to be my boyfriend?” It was easy to see she’d wanted him to wait for her at the restaurant so as to avoid him meeting her sister and ex. When she’d opened the door, he’d immediately known something was wrong. He’d gotten a glimpse of her sister and known Ellie had likely needed a hand. It had to be tough on a woman’s ego to lose even a pathetic excuse of a husband to a younger sister. “You were alone with your sister who slept with your husband. Excuse me. Ex-husband.” She shook her head. “At the time, we were definitely married. How did you know he was my ex-husband?” “He took half your net wealth. I’m your lawyer. At this level, a good lawyer is less legal counsel and more war consultant. I can’t properly perform my duties if I don’t know everything about you, including the fact that you tend to have terrible taste in men.” She frowned. “I haven’t had a ton of boyfriends. I’m not sure what my taste is.” He really wanted to understand why she’d married that obvious prick. “What attracted you to him? Because from where I was standing, he looked like a dickwad desperate to be twenty-one again.” She bit into her bottom lip, her eyes glancing away from him. “He wasn’t always like that. I actually met him when he was twenty-one. He was far more mature then.” He liked her candor. “You were in college?” “Last year of undergrad. We dated for two years and then it seemed like it was time to get married. We’d moved back here to Manhattan so I could take my place at StratCast. I thought he was going to go to grad school, but he decided on a different path.” “What path was that?” A single brow rose over her right eye. “You don’t know?” Of course he knew. He knew everything. “Are you referring to your ex-husband’s penchant for swinging for the fences? When it comes to investments, that is.” It was what he liked to call “idiots who funded ridiculous ideas.” They never wanted a simple profit out of their money. They wanted millions and really fucking fast. They swung for the grand slam when all they needed to do was get on base. It took a true genius to take a single idea and make millions off it. Drew had. Her shoulders straightened. “He wanted the easy solution. A get-rich-quick scheme. He wasn’t that way at first. At one point he was very intellectual. It’s what attracted me to him. He was curious about the world and liked to discuss everything from politics to social jus- tice to movies we saw. He changed. I didn’t. In some ways, I blame getting involved with me for what happened to him. He got around my father and real wealth and wanted some of his own. When I met him, he wanted to be a professor. He wanted to teach.” At least he’d gotten her this far. She was talking. Now he needed to get those shoulders down from around her earlobes. For one moment, for that moment when he’d drawn her into his arms and pressed his mouth to hers, she’d relaxed against him, given over to him. Her body had softened and she’d leaned into him, and if he’d pressed her, he didn’t know what would have happened. She might have continued kissing him, forgetting all about the other people in the room. He could have cupped her breast, her ass. Put his hands anywhere he liked. She hadn’t given a damn that they hadn’t been alone. All she’d cared about was him.                
NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog int eh world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Review: Burn down the night by M. O'Keefe

Burn Down the Night by [O'Keefe, M.]
Burn down the night by M. O'Keefe
Release date: August 9, 2016
Publisher: Loveswept
Buy here: Amazon
My Rating: 4

The only thing that matters to me is rescuing my sister from the drug-cooking cult that once enslaved us both. I’ve run cons my whole life, and I’ll use my body to get whatever I need. Max Daniels is the last connection I have to that world, the one person reckless enough to get involved. Besides, now that his brothers have turned on him, he needs me too.
The deal was supposed to be simple: a place to hide in exchange for rescuing my sister. Now he’s my prisoner. Totally at my mercy. But I’m the one captivated. Enthralled. Doing everything he asks of me until I’m not sure who’s in control.
We both crave the heat. The more it hurts, the better. But what if Max wants a different life now, to leave the game . . . to love me? I thought I knew better than to get burned. Now I’m in too deep to pull away. And the crazy thing is . . . I don’t want to.

My Thoughts:
I loved this book. I thought that the first two books were amazing and that no other book could beat them. Well, this book did. I absolutely loved Joan and Max. 
Max was like the Jax Teller of SOA. It's no secret how I feel about SOA (Best show ever).
Max and Joan wind up together when Joan decided to blow up a strip joint to find her sister. That's where Max steps in and pulls Joan away before she can blow everyone up. Max ends up getting beat up by his club members and Joan takes him with her to Florida. These two started off as a love\hate relationship, but we all know there's a fine line between love and hate. 
What I really loved the most was seeing these two characters vulnerable sides. Joan, a tough, independent woman and Max, a tough biker. I'm always a sucker for the softer sides of characters. This book was probably one of the best ones I've read all summer.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: Till I kissed you: A Cottonbloom novel by Laura Trentham

Till I kissed you by Laura Trentham
Release date: August 2, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin Press paperbacks
My Rating: 4
Buy here: Amazon

It’s summertime in Cottonbloom, where two lovers find themselves at a crossroads just as things start to heat up. . .
Regan Lovell grew up on the wealthy Mississippi side of Cottonbloom―and now, as mayor, she’s determined to save it from the fate of so many small towns. Part of her plan to help the local economy is the Labor Day tomato festival. If only she wasn’t being undermined by Sawyer Fournette, who’s planning a crayfish-themed celebration on the Louisiana side of the river on the very same weekend. The pranks and sabotage are getting out of hand, and she’s had it with him―no matter how much she enjoyed those stolen hours in his truck bed, so many years ago…
Sawyer knows that Regan's never forgiven him for breaking her heart―but despite his reputation as a low-class swamp rat, he’d never hurt the woman who still secretly drives him crazy with desire. Someone in Cottonbloom has it out for her, though, and Sawyer intends to watch her back…and the rest of her too, if she can ever let go of her distrust. But will a common enemy be enough to unite them―and finally fulfill the promises they made one passionate night under the stars?

My Thoughts:
So. This is book number three in this series and the first one I've read. Yes, I'm reading in the wrong order, but it's OK. After reading number 3 I can tell y'all that it can be read as a stand-alone. 
I have a soft place in my heart from Southern towns (I was born and raised in Charleston, SC) and let me tell you, if Cottonbloom was a real place, I'd be there in a flash. The author did such an amazing job describing the town. 
This is all about getting second chances at love. Everyone knows that when you're in High School it's very easy to sway someone in one way or another. Especially when parents are involved. Regan and Sawyer were HS sweethearts. Regan was the cheerleader and Sawyer was the football player from the other side of the tracks so to speak. A misunderstanding happened and Regan and Sawyer were over. Fast forward 11 years or so later and Regan is the mayor of Cottonbloom, Ms amd Sawyer is the mayor of the Parish of Cottonbloom, Louisiana. A little mystery, a little dueling festivals, and a lot of chemistry and you have the recipe for a hot southern romance. I loved this book and now I'll be reading book one :)
Happy Humpday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Review: Splinter by Sarah Fine

Splinter by Sarah Fine
Release date: August 2, 2016
Publisher: 47North
My rating: 4
Buy here: Amazon

Mattie Carver has relinquished the world of magic, with all its dark temptations. In six weeks, she’ll marry Ben Ward and claim the safe, small-town life she craves. But Mattie’s talents as a reliquary—someone able to smuggle magic within her body—make her a valuable commodity, even to those she trusts the most. Forced out of retirement by a painful betrayal, she must seek the help of the man she’s tried desperately to stay away from: Ben’s estranged brother, Asa.
Asa, a sensor and magic dealer, may have saved Ben months ago, but he’s complicated Mattie’s life beyond imagining. Trailed by lethal mobsters through Chicago’s seamy magical underbelly and an eerie traveling carnival, Mattie struggles to endure the priceless magic she’s holding and her feelings for Asa. Once, she thought she’d chosen her path. Now the only option may be to succumb to the destiny that’s choosing her, and hope she’s strong enough to survive.

My Thoughts:

"When we're together, he said, you give me control, You let me be in charge. You might surrender, but this isn't war baby"

That, my friends. is probably my favorite line out of the whole book. I love nothing more than a take-charge hot guy. Asa delivered. 
Soooooo, I confess that I did not read the first book in this series. In my defense, I didn't know this was a series. With that said, make sure you read the first book first, ok? Ok.
This book was all kinds of supernatural, magic-y fun. I'm intrigued with books that deal with magic. At first I really didn't think I would like this book, but after about ten minutes of reading, I realiased that I was hooked. 
Without giving away any spoilers, Ben, Mattie's fiance, has done something really boneheaded that makes Mattie not trust him. Now enter Asa, Ben's brother. He's saved Mattie in the first book and now he's back to save her again. In my opinion, Mattie has way more chemistry with Asa than Ben. I honestly can not wait till the third book releases. It seems like such a long time :(
Happy Tuesday!

Review: Rock with you by Rachel Lacey

Rock with You (Risking It All) by [Lacey, Rachel]
Rock with you by Rachel Lacey
Release date: August 2, 2016
Publisher: Forever Yours
My rating: 4
Buy here: Amazon

Carly Taylor is pretty sure she's dreaming. It's not possible that Sam Weiss - rock star god and sexy hotness personified - is actually in her bakery. This sort of thing never happens in the too-small town of Haven. Or to her. And being stranded in a secluded mountain cabin with the deliciously decadent Sam during an ice storm? This is definitely not Carly's real life . . . 

Now there's just the two of them, a roaring fire, lots of food and drink, and a sizzling attraction - one that just might make Carly do the unexpected. For one night, she'll live the fantasy. For one night, nothing else matters. . . not her struggling business, not her lonely life, not Sam's bad-boy reputation. But sometimes one night can turn one crazy, beautiful dream into something real.

My Thoughts:
I love a good book that has a sexy rock star. This book may have been short, but it perfect in every way. This is the first time I have read something by Rachel Lacey and I have to say, I really like her writing style. She's talented, that's for sure. 
Carly took over her Grandmothers bakery, that's where she first lays eyes on Sam.Sam is there to let a Hollywood scandal die down and to write another number one smash hit. The only problem is he's lost his muse. That is until he lays on Carly. 
Carly gets a call from Sam wondering if she could deliver some sweets the cabin he's staying in. There's also a winter storm heading their way with icy roads. Yup. Y'all know what's gonna happen next. They get stranded together. That, my friends, is where things get nice and sweet. As I said before, this is just a novella, but it felt  like I got the complete and whole story. This book could easily go toe-to-toe with a full length novel.
Have a happy Tuesday y'all!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Review: Dancing through life by Candace Cameron Bure

Dancing through Life by Candace Cameron Bure
Release date: August 1, 2016
Publisher: B&H Books
My rating: 4
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Candace Cameron Bure has grown up before our eyes and we've watched as she's balanced life in Hollywood with her faith for many years. But that all reached new heights when she was given the opportunity to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars. Being on the show was one of her dreams come true; and with that dream came the opportunity to display her Christian faith in front of millions of people, through an intense season of stretching beyond her limits, and to run the race God gave her with joy and perseverance.
Join Candace as she reflects on the self-discovery that came through leaping out of her comfort zone. Go behind the scenes and experience the highs and lows, the roadblocks, and the personal victories. Hear straight from her heart on tough lessons learned about grace, rejection, perfectionism, disappointment, accountability, dealing with criticism, and more. Through God’s strength, and with the help of endless support from her family and friends, see how Candace stayed true to herself and publicly lived out her faith in Christ all the way to the finale.
How do you stand with conviction in your world? Where does your courage come from when faced with challenges? How do you live out your faith on a daily basis despite opposition? Your stage probably isn't in Hollywood and the challenges you are facing may not be on live television, but they are no less real. Come along with Candace as she shares how she found the courage to stand with conviction on one of the largest platforms of her life.

My Thoughts:

We all know who Candace Cameron Bure is, I'm pretty sure we all watched her on Full House and then on Fuller House as DJ Tanner. I love her as an actress and a role model. I think we need more women like her. 
Unless you've been living under a rock, there's a really good chance that you've watched an episode or two of Dancing with the stars. This book is kind of a behind-the-scenes look into what really happens and what really goes on. As someone who works on movie sets for a living, I can tell you right now, it takes a lot to make everything  look so glamorous. 
As I was saying, I know who Candace is, but I didn't know how much of her religion and beliefs comes into play in her everyday life. To be honest, it surprised me in the best way. Along with what really happens when the cameras are off, Candace gives us a look into her beliefs. There's a lot of scripture in this book, almost more than her own actual words. To be completely honest, it was a little too heavy on the scripture. I kind of felt like the whole book was taken over by it. That's just my opinion though. To each their own. Other than that it was a joyful read. I always love getting a glimpse into a celebrities personal life and Candace delivered. This is the first book of hers that I have read and now I'm off to the bookstore to buy her others. 
Hope everyone has a great Monday!